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With her soothing voice, her adeptness on synthesizers and keyboards, and a penchant for writing soft, moving love songs, Clair Marlo accounts for one of the year's "sweetest" releases."  
CD Review



"Marlo is something of a rock 'n' roll renaissance woman"  
Mix Magazine



"...a vocalist and musician with a wealth of composing, engineering and audio-production credits..."  

Electronic Musician


"So heikle..."  (So delicate)  
Pop Neue Platten


" repertorio musicale piuttosto sofisticato..."  (the sophisticated musical repetoire)

Car Audio, CD Test 

"...the writing here is tight, professional, and often very touching..." 
Msic Connection Magazine

"Clair Marlo ist die Beweis"  (Clair Marlo is the proof)
Audio Live Das Musikmagazin


"When you listen to Clair Marlo, you know exactly where she stands" 

Boston Acoustic

"...terrific vocal prowess...skill with modern recording technology"  

"...sparkling sounds, smooth vocals..."  
CD Review

"Clair Marlo's contribution to Sviraj (Lullabye) is an excellent addition to broaden New Horizon as well. It's probably the best song on here"

"honest music" 

"...Singer/songwriter Clair Marlo makes an impressive showing on her second release...Behavior Self has a rich, soft feel."   
Metronews Music reviews

"...there is one track on Aria 2 that is in Croatian and is one of the stand out cuts..."  

"...composing powerful, evocative scores."   
The Scores

"an extremely-talented and popular songwriter, record producer, and musical arranger..."  
Daily Inquirer

"Among today's recording stars,  Clair Marlo looms as one of the most prolific artists to emerge in years.  This singer with an angel's voice is also a songwriter-producer-musical/vocal arranger - keyboard player.  If such credentials don't redefine the word "talented," what would?"   
Philippine Times Journal

"the perfect example of how a confluence of musical styles can be combined seamlessly"  
The Standard - Showbiz

"Multi-talented jazz-pop artist"    
What's On

"Clair's artistry is not limited to her own albums.  She is known to likewise share her musical genius with other recording stars, a practice thatpropelled her career in the first place"  
The Standard

"A well-respected musician, composer, arranger, and record-producer..." 

Times Journal"...hypnotic melodies...beautiful lyrics..."    Philippine Star"...a great singer and an extremely talented composer, musician, arranger, synthesist, and producer" Manila Standard







Clair Marlo
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